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Adobe CS3 Installer Blank Dialog of Doom

Moving around/adding memory in my work G5 seems to have screwed up the registration data for Adobe CS3; everything worked fine except Illustrator which returned an error about the registration being invalid.

To make a long story short, I fixed Illustrator and yanked the new memory. Then InDesign failed at launch. Hesitatingly, I went for a reinstall of just InDesign. The installer was smart enough to recognize that something was wrong with InDesign and automatically offered to reinstall just that application. A good sign, I should think.

The reinstallation started and immediately looked suspicious. This was CS3 Design Standard, and as such only has 1 DVD that has any real applications on it, the other being labeled as "Content" which is filled with near-useless files.  However, the installer was reading from disk 1 of 2 - I was skeptical that there was anything on the "Content" disk that a reinstallation would require.

15-20 minutes later, the disk ejected and a blank alert popped up. After that, nothing. No amount of clicking, key-pressing, or disk-inserting would start the process again. I ended up with a nice force-quit.

After repeating a couple times with different disks, I found out that apparently the installer is looking for the Adobe Extend Script Toolkit 2.0.1 disk image. I had installed a beta of Flex last month sometime and that presumably installs something that InDesign from that point forward forever needs. Some solutions to this problem involve uninstalling just about everything with the word Adobe in it, running a cleaner script, and then reinstalling everything (sprinkled with some prayer for effect, I assume).

Luckily, I was able to find a link to the Extend Script disk image in the Adobe forums - Adobe Extend Script Toolkit 2.0.1

Running the installer with this image mounted should get you past the blank dialog. It still takes about 20 minutes, but that's a separate issue...


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