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Bizarre: September 2007 Archives

The story of the guy who kept his gamey leg in a smoker is all over the news today:
The mother, Peg Steele, explained her son had his leg amputated after a plane crash and kept the leg following the surgery "for religious reasons" she doesn't know much about.

"The rest of the family was very much against it," Steele said.story
I've always wondered how difficult it would be to convince the hospital to let you keep a body part after an amputation or removal. Personally I think it should be simple, it is, after all, something which you rightfully own. On the other hand, I can understand the reluctance of doctors, especially if the organ or limb is diseased or otherwise full of infection. It seems, however, as in most cases, that 'religious reasons' trump all.

I hope he gets the leg back. It will make a wicked table lamp.
The body of a 41-year-old man was found in a wooded area next to a guillotine he built and used to kill himself, police said.
The man, from the Detroit suburb of Melvindale, was discovered Monday by workers from a shopping center near his home.
I've been meaning to post this story, which I'm sure by now has been seen by just about everyone. It's an example of what can be accomplished by one person with just a little determination and creativity. Now the police describe the device as six feet tall, which is very short for a guillotine (although the Nazis kept some short ones busy. These guillotines compensated for the short drop with an overweight blade). It also describes a 'swing arm', which sounds more like a counter-balanced scythe bolted to the tree, but who is keeping score?