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Bizarre: November 2007 Archives

"Ow, that hurt!" a female robot squeaked, narrowing her eyes as a young dentist drilled on her replica teeth. "Now, I'm OK," she said as the dentist eased off.
isitsafe.jpgNo word on whether this dental droid has the features of Dustin Hoffman, but if the Japanese are at their marketing best, there is sure to be one in the future.

"Yes, it's safe, it's very safe, it's so safe you wouldn't believe it!"
A man who allegedly was fleeing police was attacked and killed by an alligator in a pond, Local 10 reported.
From the land of Guinness champions:
indianjuggler.jpgA toddler born with eight limbs and believed by some to be the reincarnation of the multi-limbed Hindu goddess Vishnu, is set to undergo a 40-hour operation to remove half of her limbs.
mangycoyote.jpgThe results are in: The ugly, big-eared animal found this summer in southern Texas is not the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra. It's just a plain old coyote.
Confirmed by DNA testing. Darn.