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infernal device


Barrel Pillory
Bell Collar
Breast Ripper
Cat's Paw
Chain Whip
Chastity Belt
Drunkard's Cloak
Ducking Stool
Ear Chopper
Foot Press
Hanging Cage
Head Crusher
Heretic's Fork
Interrogation Chair
Iron Collar
Iron Gag
Iron Maiden
Iron Spider
Judas Cradle
Knee Splitter
Ladder Rack
Lead Sprinkler
Mute's Bridle
Mutilation Shears
Noise-Maker's Fife
Pear of Anguish
Revolving Drum
Scavenger's Daughter
Shrew's Fiddle
Skeffington's Gyves
Skull Splitter
Spanish Boot
Spanish Chair
Spanish Crusher
Spanish Donkey
Spanish Gaiter
Spanish Mantle
Spanish Spider
Spanish Tickler
Spiked Punishment Collar
Spiked Torture Helmet
Straight Belt
Thief Catcher
Tongue Tearer
Witch Catcher
Witch's Spider





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