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Morbid: October 2007 Archives

...go for the real thing:
Police say Jennings had the woman climb a ladder so she could test a noose that would support a skeleton during a neighborhood haunted house later in the month. The woman says her husband then turned on the garage radio and pulled the ladder away.
No comment on the intelligence of someone who can be convinced to test the strength of a noose, by standing on her tiptoes, no less. And Lucy isn't going to pull the football away at the last minute, this time, Charlie Brown.
Ignore all the tedious pseudo-intellectual art-school drivel that reads like it was generated by machine [SnobMaster 2.01]. This art project is interesting, if only because it looks like outerwear and accessories fashioned by and for cenobites.

Makes a great substitute for all those times you have desired to hollow out a human head and wear it as a hat while driving through three states.