Dining Room Gurney


Ok - you have to admit - it's the perfect dining room table. Long and rectangular with wheels attached so you can roll it out of the way to make way for the dance floor! w00!

Never mind that at some point in the past this dining room table shuttled people through the hospital...

I found the gurney at one of my favorite places - the Lakewood Antiques Market. Believe me, this place is great. Nowhere else will you find a better example of the axiom, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Unfortunately, the Market is no more, having fallen victim to the new craze of live-work-play pseudo-arcology. Such is life in Atlanta, where every day is an opening. Day.

dining room gurney

The drive home with the gurney was somewhat difficult. At the time I was driving a Volkswagen Jetta and was convinced that it would easily fit once we had removed the top and wheels. The best description is that it sort of fit, with the passenger sucking kneecaps for the entire drive home. Uncomfortable, but comfort is readily sacrificed for style.

The gurney itself is composed of stainless steel except for the sides of the wheels. These had a bit of rust on them - the vendor suggested naval jelly but so far I haven't really been too concerned. The rust somewhat adds to the overall 'effect'. The wheels lock on opposite sides, i.e., the upper right and the bottom left wheels have locking mechanisms.

The undercarriage is another small table. In the photos it contains an old portable German typewriter and one of those wooden labyrinths. Originally I suppose it was for carrying various surgical tools, needles, limbs, etc.

front of the gurney

Once the gurney was safely at home, I needed to obtain a top. Serendipitously, I was able to find the perfect size just down the street; rounded and beveled! After the delivery, I placed a few adhesive rubber feet in strategic locations and slapped (well, gently placed) the glass onto the gurney.

The 'bed' of the gurney actually lies about 1 inch below the plane of the glass. It's prime real estate for displaying all sorts of medical tools, perhaps something from Dead Ringers...

front of the gurney

The height of the table is somewhat of a problem. It's just high enough to be uncomfortable with a normal dining room chair. At the moment, I have a couple of short bar stools that are the perfect height; unfortunately they do not particularly match the 'feel' of the table.