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Self Promotion: September 2007 Archives

The first appearance in print of images from Infernal Device are in this book written by Professor Jarosław Warylewski, Dean of Faculty of Law and Administration at Gdansk University.

Professor Warylewski kindly provided me with a copy of the textbook in exchange for use of some of the renderings. The verdict - the book is great, and it looks like it could have been a invaluable research tool. On the other hand, I've realized that Polish is not a language you can stumble through like German or Spanish. Consonant soup!

A major surprise are some of the other images in the book. The usual woodcuts that find their way into all books dealing with torture are here, but there are quite a few new pictures and images that I had not seen before, including a nice close-up photo of a Judas Cradle and an historical illustration of a Ducking Stool in use. There are also some photos of something that looks like a kind of medieval isolation chamber, perhaps a candidate for inclusion in the database.